+ I'm pressing too hard to brew my coffee

There's something wrong. Pressca was designed to be easy to handle. Check out if you are respecting the following procedures:

- Make sure you opened the lid before pressing the plunger.

- Allow some minutes after pouring water over the coffee. We recommend 2-4 minutes. The grounds in suspension in the water make it hard to push the plunger.

- If it is still hard to press, it may be coffee grounds blocking the filter. Pull the plunger slightly up and insert it again. Repeating this will make it easier to press.

- You may also apply a slight twist in any direction while pressing the plunger.

- If it is still hard to press, try to slightly tap the coffee maker on the table. This will help settle the coffee grounds and unblock the filter, making the plunger function gently.

- Check if the plunger sealing ring is well fitted and aligned at the bottom of the plunger. Otherwise you may have to press too hard and coffee may leak.

- Have you checked if the filter is firmly tightened on the plunger? If not, you will press too hard and may break the filter and release the sealing ring.

+ My coffee is leaking at the body base

This should not happen.

To avoid it, always check if the body base is firmly tightened.

It is essential that it is well threaded.

Otherwise your coffee may leak while pressing the plunger.

+ The sealing ring is still “hard”

During first uses, the sealing ring of the plunger is still hard, and pressing the plunger can be difficult.

In a short time it softens and gets ideal for brewing.

We recommend not using too much detergent to wash the sealing ring.
Use water and a mild soap or a little detergent.

The natural oils of the coffee are important for this sealing ring lubrication, which makes the plunger handling easier.

+ There is coffee between the body and the plunger

You probably poured more water than the maximum limit suggested.

Totally remove the plunger by pulling it upwards and press it again so that all liquid remains only inside the plunger.